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Pin spotting can make or break your event

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

By: Zoë Whittaker


A pin spot is defined as a sharply focused beam of white light. As event professionals we are familiar with the effort and cost of centerpieces. Equally vital is being able to see, showcase, interact with and document these features. Floral arrangements, wedding cakes, artwork, and auction items are all elements your client will want to be able to see during their event and later in photographs.

Narrow spotlights or pins projected onto focal points insure visibility regardless of changing light conditions. Pin spotting is ideal for evening events, windowless spaces or those problematic shaded outdoor areas. Elaborate centerpieces often need pin spotting in order to be seen clearly in low light especially if colored uplighting or other light effects are in play. Pin spots for daytime events in window-filled spaces won't be as dramatic but will ensure that perfect photo during cloud cover or as the sun begins to set.

Often event planners and professionals are pressured to cut costs. I've experienced several hundred dollars per table on exquisite floral arrangements lost to the room when peers have had to opt out of pin spotting. The most desired look is to layer light it using a multitude of effects. A combination of effects ensures your patrons' eyes to be lured across the palette of your event. Absorption of details is created with uplighting, pin-spotted focal points alongside more conventional spots and washes for high traffic areas, speakers or a rejoicing couple. A common design mistake is made when pin spotting isn't deemed necessary as candles, uplighting and other lighting effects are already in play.

The first rate look you're trying to achieve draws guests' eyes to each alluring element in the room.


Here at Eye Dialogue, we have professional installers along with seasoned salespeople committed to educating you on how best to use our pin spot technology. We have a variety of pin spots for both rentals and sale which allow us to integrate them in the existing lighting system of a venue without freestanding hardware. Most commonly fixtures are fastened to a weighted freestanding support hardware in order to indemnify the safety of your guests. The impact of a pin spot is amplified with a working knowledge of the lighting conditions the event will encounter, proper lighting angles and fixture intensity. Focusing is an art form, allowing both decorative and essential components of your event to have that necessary glow.

If you are unfamiliar with pin spots we deliver, install and focus them (or any other AV effect) before the event, and uninstall them after your guest have left.

Pictured lighting and article by former AV Designer and Sales Consultant, Zoë Whittaker of Eye Dialogue AVL.

For more info call 704-567-7789 or email


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