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About Us.

A look into our beginning and beliefs.

Founded in 2004, Eye Dialogue is a lighting, sound, special effects & video company. Nationally recognized for our innovative approach to lighting design, Eye Dialogue brings integrity & creativity to entertainment design, emphasizing use of new techniques & technology.

The largest stock of LED Color Changing fixtures in our area, we provide impactful lighting systems which run on a tenth the power a conventional lighting system would use. No Power; No problem. We also carry complete audio-visual systems with wireless microphones, sound systems, automated fixtures, DJ Lighting, Video equipment, Projector screens, props, DJ equipment, Trussing: All designed with the expertise of the best designers in the south east.

The hardest working men and women in show business, our technicians are both informed and willing to get down and dirty. Making sure you don’t have to.

Let us can help you create the party you imagine. From special effects to traditional design, we can help you put into words what you see in your head. Having created parties in many themes from Alice in Wonderland, superheroes, pirates, Nascar, pink parties, Halloween, dream, sweet sixteen, winter wonderlands, etc. Let us help you put together the party you always wanted to design.


The quality of production makes or breaks events. Every event is a turning point, whether it is an educational conference, a birthday, a wedding, or growing network of friends and associates. Light and sound play the key role in assuring that your message is delivered in an exhilarating package. Whether you are opening a new era for your company or trying to express appreciation for a loved one, Eye Dialogue assures great lighting and sound with quality design and flawless system integration.



The design is the most important key to any project. Good planning always precedes successful ventures. Communication is our specialty. Our goal is to understand your ideas and help you develop them. We recognize the unique aspects of each situation and assist you in foreseeing future issues before they arise.



The installation can be the most exciting time of the project or the most stressful. Watching your ideas come to fruition is a time for anticipation not worries. Our qualified technicians work quickly and efficiently assuring a successful and timely opening. Experience with both old and new technologies makes our techs key in system integration with older systems with new products.



The Eye Dialogue difference is price and experience. We keep our overhead low with minimal advertising to give the the best price possible, knowing word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising. Also everyone of our team is active in the lighting industry, giving you the advantage of talking to a technician or an lighting and sound designer not a sales person.


If we can talk it out, we can work it out. In a healthy work environment honesty is not only desired but encouraged. By wearing our ideas on our sleeves we deal with issues as they present themselves not after they have festered. We want zero turnover. As long as one maintains the desire, anyone can learn to be a great communicator thus a great leader. Healthy communication is fertile ground for a productive work force.

Eagerness: My dad told me that if you want to succeed in college come to every class with one good question then do what ever you want. Every day in college, I looked for something I wanted to know or didn’t understand in the text book . I would ask the question and promptly lay my head on my desk. Searching for the question gave my studying purpose thus increasing my ability to retain knowledge. After my third simester I realized that in order to be good in class I had to want to learn the subject. By the second year I focused on finding something interesting about the class instead of the information in the class, and saw immediate results. I retained more in class and in the studies, thus studying less but accomplishing more. The desire to learn is more important than what one know’s. Knowledge is a cage and the search for knowledge is the way out.

Dedication: Sometimes momentum takes time. Dedication fuels the times when life sucks. Baring through the rough times many times assures a turnaround from failure to success and satisfaction.


Organization: The attempt to organize and reorganize exercises our brain and encourages us to think about our tools and work patterns in new and creative ways. No one can create the perfect organization model. The ability to adapt and perfect keeps the work place alive with creativity. Occasionally frustrating and uncomfortable, a mind of organization may momentarily make things harder but ultimately makes the future easier and more productive.


Promotion: Everyone is a leader if they choose to be. Leadership is not based on position or control, but on the ability to inspire others. Every person at Eye Dialogue is valuable and a team member. Each one represents not only himself but the team. By promoting the team, we promote ourselves. Our excitement inspires and keeps us in business another day.


Accountability: Mistakes are inevitable. . . daily. But without failure we would never learn. Every mistake is an opportunity to reinforce our knowledge and receive new information. Without shame, we embrace our failures. Knowing that by acknowledging our mistakes we assure future success with greater understanding.

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