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Welcome to Eye Dialogue Lighting and Sound located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We appreciate your time to discover who we are. I believe you will find that Eye Dialogue can provide innovative and creative solutions for your lighting, video, decor, and sound. Whether you are looking for lighting design company for your night club, to purchase audio equipment for your church, to install sound systems in your music venue, for special event production for your restaurant, for information on LED light fixtures for your business, corporate event design, theatrical lighting rentals, audio/visual supplies, sound rental systems, or a green lighting production for your theatre; our staff is knowledgeable of both new technology and conventional solutions. Please explore the website to find informative articles clearly expressing exciting lighting, video, decor, and sound ideas.

Click here to download the Powerpoint to Nightclub&Bar's "The Simplification of Technical Integration"
Click here to download the Powerpoint to Nightclub & Bar's "Night Meet Light" presented by Jack Kelly.

LED Lighting for the Country Club of Augusta The ART of Country
The Ultra Saloon
Satisfying the Country Bar's Diverse Audience with LEDs

. . . while creating something new the core elements of the style must remain otherwise the identity of the design is lost. In other words, if you are designing a country bar, the clients must still see a country bar when the design is complete. The Country Club of Augusta is a fusion venue starting with line dancing ... continuing with live country centered rock finishing with full blown dance club in the early morning. .. . .Click here to read more

Theme 007: The Bond Film ExperienceInverted Truss Power
Designing the Lighting System for Club Rio

. . . Utilizing new technology, the venue realizes technological relevance. By creating light reflecting bottle displays, the design demonstrates integration awareness. Using vertical truss lines, the great size of the space overwhelms the guest perception. Keeping the fixtures in the middle of the open space, the light jockey acquires greater programming potential. Club Rio effectively uses its resources for the highest possible lighting impact.. . . . Click here to read more

Charlotte's CosmosColor Changers Panels
LED Lighting Design for Cosmos II of Ballantyne

With its flexible LED lighting, Cosmos, too, is ready for anything – from early-evening laid-back dining, to a more ramped-up nightlife atmosphere. “Early in the night we typically pick a color theme such as red and do some slow, subtle color changes into maybe shades of orange within each block of the comet,” said Kelly. “Then once the bar gets kicking in, we have much more intense programs with faster color changes, strobing . . . a little more interesting.”,. . . . Click here to read more

Platinum of BirminghamBuilding a Monster Club
LED Lighting Taking Birmingham's Superclub to the Next Level

. . . Working 12 to 14 hours per day for eight straight days, Kelly and three of his employees “added a lot of fixtures all over the place,” he said. “They had a 70s vibe with mirrors on one bar and glass block on another from the work done in 2000. We didn’t want to take anything away because this is architecture you don’t see any more.” . . . Click here to read more

Our Most Popular Press Releases

Lighting for Todd Bentley at Morning StarOutdoor Revival Lighting
Lighting Design for the Todd Bentley Revival

. . . In the warm southern air, the LEDs provided a nice cool alternative to the sweat created by conventional lighting. Comfortable on stage, the leaders could focus on leading and not uncomfortable sweatiness. Using very little power, the lighting needed less than a hundred amps, easily accommodated by the onsite generator. The considerable color options offered by LED technology satisfied the traditional needs of speaker lighting as well as the dramatic needs of worship. . . . . Click here to read more

Lighting for "Room to Bloom"In the Style of Club El Moracco
Environmental Lighting Technics

. . . White light isn’t really white. The color temperature plays a huge part in designing with white light. Lower color temperatures have an amber hue and high color temperatures have a bluish hue. When designing jewelry stores, lighting designers use the appropriate light for the appropriate precious metal or stone. . . Click here to read more

Authorized Audio Dealerships: QSC, Sennheiser, EAW, Turbo Sound, Ashly, Rane, Denon, Rapco, and Road Ready.
Authorized Lighting Dealerships: Color Kinetics, Elation, American DJ, Chauvet, X-Laser, Enlux, Martin, Global Truss, Accu Cable.