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Eye Dialogue

Phone: (704) 567-7789

Fax: (704) 331-0077

Jesse Poreca
Project Manager | 2007

Hardworking and hardcore, Jesse is eager to learn and doesn't seem to have a problem keeping up with anyone. We have a feeling he will be around for years to come.

Paul Emrick

Paul Emrick
Designer | 2006
Cell: (704) 906-6300
Paul Emrick's Email

Paul has operated lights and video in nightclubs for nearly 10 years. Running nearly 20 events a month, Paul understands all aspects of entertainment design.

Jack Kelly, CTS
Designer | 2004
Cell: (704) 965-0886
Jack Kelly's Email

Founder of Eye Dialogue, Jack's work has been published in many trade magazines. Jack Kelly has aggressively pursued his dream with an ever growing knowledge of Interior Design, Video, Sound, Special Effects, and of course Lighting.

Jack Kelly
Alex Miano

Alex Miano
Designer | 2008
Cell: (704) 746-5539
Alex Miano's Email

Young and eager, Alex loves lighting production. His energy and strength are sure to carry him far.


Andrew Watkins
Labor Manager | 2014


Jared Davis

Jared Davis
Technician | 2011


Forrest Waite
Shop Manager | 2012

Forrest Waite
Ben Larson

Ben Larson
Technician | 2013


Kenneth Owens
Technician | 2009

Young and creative, positive attitude and outlook. A joy to work with and an inspiring operator.


Kenneth Owens
Ben Larson

Lisa Magee
Rental Sales | 2013



Chip Caldwell
Lighting Operator | 2013



Ben Larson
Ben Larson

Nick Iyoob
Lighting Operator | 2012


Do you think you have what it takes? Stop by the shop and bring us your resume. No AV experience required, We look for a strong work ethic, eagerness to learn, construction experience a plus, and . . . you have to get along with the team.

Andrew Miano
Technician | 2011



What are LEDs? How do they work? How does LED technology effect the direction of modern lighting? Buzz surrounding LED technology has been gaining momentum for the last decade. LEDs are changing the way designers are approaching architectural lighting and design. Through the vehicle of color mixing, design can take multiple forms creating a living object. Producing little to no heat, LEDs are a much more efficient form of light, cutting electrical cost as much as 90%. LEDs are practical, versatile, and becoming less expensive with each passing month.

Jack Kelly, president of Eye Dialogue LLC, can demonstrate how LED technology can improve your business. Discussing topics such as consumer safety, color mixing, electrical cost analysis, and LED design, he will leave no questions unanswered. Please call us at (704) 567-7789.